Marikuku wirrpanda作 yidaki [21078]

Marikuku wirrpanda作 yidaki [21078]
Dhudi-Djapu Clanに伝わるシークレットデザイン

長さ:144.5cm 重さ:3.6kg

口径:2.7cm  ボトム外径:10.4cm

Key :基本音/Drone:E♭  Overtone/Toots:G
素材:Eucalyptus(ユーカリ) Stringybark
Acrylic paint


  • Marikuku Wirrpanda

    Date of Birth - 31/12/1977
    Moiety - Dhuwa
    Homeland - Dhuruputjpi
    Clan - Dhudi-Djapu
    Clan language -


    Marikuku is the son of prominent artst and ceremonial leader Dhukal Wirrpanda. He lives on his clan’s land at Dhuruputjpi and sometimes stays with other family members at Gunyaŋara (Ski Beach) or Dhalinybuy.
    He is known as the ceremonial yiḏaki player for the Dhuḏi-djapu clan and is open busy with ceremony. His skill as a player means he also has the knowledge to make top quality yiḏaki. In recent years Marikuku has formed a production venture with Dhapa Ganambarr and they have both been producing fine quality yiḏaki.
    Marikuku has excellent attention to detail and his instruments are finished to a high standard. As a result, his yiḏaki have become popular quite quickly and his work is now sought after by both musicians and collectors worldwide.

  • 丹田からの抜けはとても良く、腹からしっかりと出せるサウンドは太く力強い。
  • マウスピースのサイズはベスト!